Womb Dance


Movement starts from the womb. Dance is about bodies moving and interacting in a space. Unborn children experience freedom in the womb as they move at their pleasure, without experiencing the world as an obstacle. Through the documentary, we meet talented dancers with varying disabilities, who, through dance, are learning how to experience the freedom of movement and reconnect with their bodies. Womb Dance chooses to celebrate uniqueness and not disability, believing that every person is skilled with different abilities.


This is Ratsbeke NTHITE second film about people with disabilities-his goal is to make a whole series of films on the topic, and is talking to producers in East Africa about dubbing the films into Swahili. The first film Sibusiso’s Handprint, has already won awards at the Zanzibar film festival and in China. He also has plans to turn The Womb Dance into a stage play. His philosophy when filming the disabled is not to emphasise what they cannot do – and thus elicit pity – but to emphasise what they can do, to emphasise their inner strength and their ability to integrate into society, if only society would give them that chance.