Fespaco Pro

FESPACO PRO intends to play an active role in supporting auteur cinema, from initiation of new projects to optimization of existing services and efforts, with the idea of assisting all players of the entire cinematographic production chain, including authors, sales agents, distributors, exhibitors, producers and directors, in their respective tasks, throughout the process. Fespaco Pro is organized around the film market MICA, YENNENGA WORKSHOPS, YENNENGA LIBOONI and YENNENGA CONNECTION.

The Yennenga workshops 

It is articulated around two workshops dedicated to the accompaniment of films at the post-production stage (Yennenga Post-Prod)…

Yennanga Libooni

It is a space dedicated to exchanges between film professionals and the general public, especially academics,

Yennenga Connection

The Yennenga Connexion is the gateway par excellence of collaboration between FESPACO and the reference mechanisms of assistance to the creation of African Cinema.