Under the artistic direction of the Delegate General, eight (8) figures of the African and Diaspora film industry have been tasked with selecting films and distributing them into the various categories. Each section has been assigned a contact person who reports to the artistic committee and to the General Delegation.

The official competition

With 70 films per year, it offers a detailed overview of the present and future of African cinema, whether it be by established directors

The “Perspectives” section

This section opens up different perspectives on the continent’s cinematic landscape. This is where the road to the future of cinema begins,

The “Panorama” section

This section is for films that have been selected for the official selection but do not meet the strict criteria of FESPACO.

The ” Burkina ” section

Endowed with the “President of Faso” Prize, this section concerns the best national productions of fiction films, documentaries

The “Fespaco Classics” section

This is the retrospective section where the history of African cinematographic creation can be read. Thus, the classic films in 35mm format restored

The Fespaco Sukabè (Fespaco Children)

It focuses on films that take children and young people as the main target in their narrative, their language

Stallion of honour

It is the honorary section that is endowed with the Stallion of Honor and which will consecrate a great personality of African cinema