Announcements of the Yennenga II results

Following the call for applications and projects launched from July 19 to September 30, 2022, the General Delegation of FESPACO is pleased to announce the final list of candidates and projects selected for the second edition of the Yennenga Workshops. These Workshops will take place during the 28th edition of FESPACO scheduled from February 25 to March 4, 2023 in Ouagadougou. The work of the selection committee presents the following results:


Eight (08) feature film projects (fiction and documentary) were selected.

  1. All The Colours of the World Are Between Black and White, fiction of Babatunde APALOWO, Nigeria;
  2. Banel & Adama, fiction of Ramata-Toulaye SY, Senegal;
  3. Klema, documentary of Boubacar Gakou TOURE, Mali ;
  4. Kundu, fiction of Ori Huchi KOZIA, Congo ;
  5. Ozona, Farewell dreamers, fiction of Haminiaina RATOVOARIVONY, Madagascar;
  6. Ressacs, une histoire Touarègue, documentary of El Ansari INTAGRIST, Mauritania ;
  7. You don’t die two times, documentary of Ager OUESLATI, Algeria;
  8. Goufdé, fiction of Oumar BA, Senegal



For fifteen (15) participants announced, twenty-two (22) young aspiring filmmakers from all over the African continent and the Diaspora were selected,

  1. Miss ADEHOR Diana, Nigeria ;
  2. Miss DUVAL Daniel, Haïti ;
  3. Miss FAYE Amy, Senegal ;
  4. Miss FEIDANGAMO Lisa Hadassa, Central African Republic;
  5. Miss FEZEKA Mkhabela, South Africa;
  6. Miss KABORE Delwendé Deplhine, Burkina Faso;
  7. Miss KERE Kayaba Anaïs Irma, Burkina Faso;
  8. Miss KILO Tousmy, D.R. Congo;
  9. Miss KONE Assetou, Mali ;
  10. KOUAME Allan Charvet, Côte d’Ivoire ;
  11. KOUDAYA Koffi Jude, Togo;
  12. Miss LAGUEMPEDO Barkima Nafissatou, Burkina Faso;
  13. Miss Priscilla MAREALLE, Tanzania ;
  14. Miss METOWANOU Alohoutade Eriyomi Sêdoa Habiba, Benin;
  15. Miss MINGADENE Kaguereou Carine, Chad;
  16. NEYA Harouna, Burkina Faso;
  17. NKOUA Edsin Israël Heureux, Congo Brazzaville ;
  18. NSENGIMANA Sylvestre, Rwanda ;
  19. Miss NYANDONG Mbida Justine Stella, Cameroon;
  20. OULARE Momo de la République, Guinea ;
  21. Miss SEYDOU Haïnikoye Sakinatou, Niger;
  22. Miss YOHOU Safiatou Muriel Tiffani, Côte d’Ivoire

The Yennenga Academy Workshop is supported by film director  Aïcha Macky KIDY from Niger

The Yennenga Workshops are organized in partnership with

The Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, CNC (France), the Collectif génération créative (Burkina Faso), Red Sea Film Festival (Saudi Arabia), the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), Pathé BC (France)




Professionals of the film and audio-visual industry are informed that, as part of the 29th Edition of the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou, taking place from 22 February to 1st March 2025, entries for the second edition of YENNENGA CO-PRODUCTION are on from 5 April to 31 October 2024.

YENNENGA CO-PRODUCTION is an initiative by the Management of FESPACO to promote fiction feature film projects in search of financial partnerships. The main purpose of this key mechanism is to foster and support African and Diaspora film co-productions in order to promote such films internationally while boosting the emergence of film talents across the African continent.

This edition of YENNENGA CO-PRODUCTION is open to all filmmakers from Africa and Diaspora.

Project admission requirements:

  • not to have been at a previous edition of YENNENGA CO-PRODUCTION;
  • the call is open to fiction feature film projects in the process of production;
  • projects must be by an author/director and /or producer from an African country or Diaspora;
  • shooting must not have started.

Application package:

Applicants to YENNENGA CO-PRODUCTION Workshop must provide:

  • a logline;
  • a synopsis;
  • a treatment (10 to 15 pages);
  • a script of the project;
  • a photo of the director, (JPEG 300 dpi format);
  • photos and a visual of the film (portrait and landscape, JPEG 300 dpi format);
  • a note of intent of the director;
  • a bio-filmography of the director;
  • a bio-filmography of the producer;
  • an author’s contract with the production company;
  • a presentation of the production company;
  • a note of intent of the producer;
  • a letter of motivation specifying producer’s needs and expectations;
  • total budget of the film.

Deadline for submission of applications for YENNENGA CO-PRODUCTION is 31 October 2024 at 23h 59mn the latest via the platform by clicking here and implies full acceptance of the participation conditions and Regulation of the 2nd edition of YENNENGA CO-PRODUCTION.

NB: Only complete applications will be considered by the selection committee.