A young Fulani girl, Sira, and her tribe cross the desert to take refuge in her fiancé’s village. In the middle of the journey, Sira sees the men of her tribe violently massacred. The leader of the group, Yéré, decides to bring Sira in for having been humiliated by her. Raped and abandoned in the desert, Sira finds herself alone. She discovers the terrorists’ camp, led by Moustapha, her father’s best friend and Yéré, her rapist. Between bitterness, desolation and revenge, Sira decides to give everything to thwart the terrorists’ macabre plans.


Apolline W. Traoré obtained her Master in Film in 1998 at Boston University, USA. Her film credits include two short films, “The price of ignorance” in 1998 and “Kounandi” in 2003; three TV series, “Monia & Rama” in 2001, “Le Testament” in 2009 and “Eh! Les hommes Eh! Les femmes” in 2014; a TV programme “M’Pama Fo » in 2009; and three feature films, “Sous la clarté de la lune” in 2005, “Moi- Zaphira” in 2013, “Frontières” and « Desrances », selected and awarded at numerous film festivals worldwide.