SAGES Round Table: the problem of the transition from the image to the written word under the microscope

What screenplay for books and films? Why not take an interest in aspects such as screenplay and screenwriting, film adaptation, the transition from image to writing or novelization?
These are the questions that motivated the Society of Authors, People of Writing and Knowledge (SAGES) to organize this Monday, February 27, 2023 in the enclosure of FESPACO, a roundtable for sharing experiences around the theme:<< The script, screen adaptation and novelization: what pooling of resources and skills in favor of literature, cinema and audiovisual Africa? >>.

View of the participants

Around the table :

Mrs. Chantal KABORE /FORGO of the Burkinabe Copyright Office (BBDA);
Mr. Ib ZONGO, Author of comics;
Mrs. Sophie Heidi KAM, writer
Mr. Ignace Ansomwin HIEN, publisher-writer;
Mr. Saïba BAGUIAN, scriptwriter;
Mr. Koba Boubacar DAO, moderator of the round table.

The present round table aims at reinforcing the capacities of the actors of the sector of the Book and that of the cinema and the audiovisual of Africa so that they contribute effectively to the improvement of the quality of the works and to the revival of the production through fruitful collaborations.