Opening of the cinematographic equipment exhibition

“Cinema and technological evolution>>. This is the theme of the exhibition of cinematographic materials which started on Sunday, 2nd day of FESPACO 2021.

Highlighting the evolution of technical equipment, this is what motivated organizers the event taking place in FESPACO premises. According to the President of the Exhibition Commission of this FESPACO edition and also National Museum Director for Exhibition and Mediation, this activity consisted in exposing old filmmaking equipment, including cameras, editing and projection equipment. Since the first inventions, the technology of cinematographic equipment and content has significantly changed. And this development has led to the establishment of international standards for film production and distribution, following a process ranging from script writing, pre-production, production and post-production, all requiring specific technical equipment. This equipment is from the archives of the African Film Library of Ouagadougou.

Parfait Fabrice SAWADOGO