Nuit Debout


Darkness in the depths of working-class neighbourhoods, in the absurdity of the rubble of endless nights; night in this nocturnal wreck of physical and symbolic power cut. Resistance, left to herself like a chick without a hen, like a pot without a lid, like a house without a window, like a door without a lock, like a lock without a key….  Light, resilience. Darkness and the beauty of resistance?


Photographer, director and producer, Nelson MAKENGO graduated in Visual Communication from the Fine Arts Academy of Kinshasa. After attending master classes in photography and documentary writing residencies, he trained in filmmaking at FEMIS and made short documentary and experimental films. His films Tabu, Souvenir d’un été and Théâtre Urbain showed at numerous high-profile festivals, such as Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Saint Louis Documentary Film Festival, and more.