Les secrets de l’amour


Billy Manga runs with his father the “MANGA’S TECHNOLOGIES”, a company officially specializing in news technologies, while in reality it is a shell company in the smuggling of prohibited goods. To look good with its partners, Daniel MANGA arranges for his son Billy’s marriage with the daughter of a client who passed away. But things take a turn for the worse when a few days before the wedding, Billy falls in love with Melanie, a girl he met at random by a pool.


Actor, scriptwriter and director Benjamin EYAGA began filmmaking at the age of 18, taking roles in several series and commercials. His latest film Mes silences showed at high-profile international festivals including most recently FESPACO in 2019, or Cannes Film Festival in 2018. As a director, he received several major distinctions, and has written and taken leading roles in the two seasons of the series Au nom de la loi. He has directed several films, including Course contre la honte and Devoted. Les secrets de l’amour is his first TV series.