Impa le sang-mêlé


N’Gozi, a great hunter, signs a pact with Kolou, the fallen genie, to become rich. In exchange for wealth, Kolou takes his only son; Impa N’Gozi abandons everything he has acquired and sets out to find his son. What he discovers is beyond his comprehension.


Born in 1984 in Abidjan, Christian KOUAME is of Ivorian nationality. He is a young entrepreneur, producer and director of 3d animation films, obtained his advanced diploma in 3D animation technology at Accel Animation Academy in India in the years 2008- 2010 after his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science obtained also in 2010 at Bangalore University in India. His professional life begins at Accel Animation Studios in Chennai (India) as a 3D VFX Artist. He will also be a 3D Trainer in Thailand in 2013 and then return during the same year in Ivory Coast to found The Brain Studios which is a studio specialized in 3D animation, special effects and commercials.