Geology of Separation


For the past six months, Abderrahmane has been living in the Alp, in northern Italy, in a former family-run hotel turned into a temporary reception centre for asylum seekers. In the room opposite his, lives Laly. Abderrahmane is waiting to go before a commission which will rule on his asylum request. He is warned: for this trial, he will have to tell his story in detail.


Yosr Gasmi is a Tunisian director born in Tunis. Her studies in humanities and Comparative Literature at Tunis-based ENS then at the Sorbonne led her eventually to cinema, which she considers as a means of expression.

Mauro Mazzocchi is an Italian director. After studying theatre and philosophy, he directed and produced together with Yosr Gasmi their debut fiction feature, I Want to Go Mad, Raving Mad-L.E.N.Z. in 2016. Géologie de la séparation is their second film.