FESPACO 2023:Festival-goers Welcome the Holding of the Event

Following the memorable opening of the 28th edition of FESPACO on 25th February 2023 in Ouagadougou, we approached a few festival-goers, present in Burkina on this occasion. Pierre Domont is a Belgian, participating in FESPACO for the 18th time. According to him, organising a festival like FESPACO despite organisational challenges is a strong message as this shows the world that we don’t give up, that we are willing to fight, that the country will keep on fighting and culture is a good means of fighting.
For LIZA FOUDA from Cameroon, working for the Black Screen Festival and participating in FESPACO for the second time, art is highlighted at FESPACO, and you don’t feel full as everything is so beautiful, so well done and this is what motivates people to come to FESPACO