Faritra, La Zone/ Faritra, the Zone


Faritra is an immersion into everyday life of young prisoners in the central prison of Antananarivo. A lawless place where prisoners discover the desire to speak through a camera, snapshots of life stories. A desire for breath and freedom.


Graduates from Marrakech Higher School of Fine Arts (ESAV), Tovoniaina RASOANAIVO and Luck RAZANAJAONA directed each several international award-winning shorts (Golden Zebu for a Pan-African documentary at RFC Antananarivo, Carthage Film Festival, etc.). RASOANAIVO is currently developing T-shirt Man as well as a feature documentary on the life of one of the most famous actors in Madagascar. RAZANAJAONA is preparing the shooting of Disko Afrika after making 3 multi-award-winning shorts, including Madama Esther (Poulain d’argent du Yennenga at FESPACO).