Euro 40 million to Fund African and Caribbean Cinema

The ACP-EU Culture program is an initiative of the ACP States Group Secretariat funded by the European Union. This program aims at stimulating the cultural sector in order to contribute to the social and economic development of ACP countries. With a budget of euro 40 million for the period from 2018 to 2021, it mainly funds companies promoting cultural and technological innovation with focus on the youth.

The ACP-UE Culture program organizes many activities at FESPACO PRO mainly round tables, panels on many aspects relating to funding mechanisms for cinema in Africa or building capacities on entrepreneurship for women directors in ACP countries. For this first conference, the European Union focused on the general funding of culture. Antonio CAMCHO (Team Leader for UE Burkina Good Governance), de Gian Giuseppe Simeone (Team Leader of the ACP-UE Culture Technical Assistance Unit), Palméro Pilar (Head of UE Burkina Cooperation), and Ousmane Boundaoné (FILM Director LAB) presented the modalities funding and supporting projects. Film and cultural professional paid great attention to this conference.