Au fil du temps


Mamadou Souaré (known as Modou) is a Senegalese tailor who works in Marrakech. His daily routine is to manage a sewing salon with Senegalese employees. Day after day, his employees carry out with meticulousness a real work of ant by satisfying several orders. His sewing salon receives throughout the day a very special clientele: people of Moroccan, Senegalese, Ivorian, Italian nationality, etc. Through the passing of time, we see the particular links he creates with his customers and employees. Relationships that are sometimes very joyful and sometimes conflicting that are built up over time.


Fassar Maurice SARR is a laureate of the “Ecole Supérieure de Cinéma du Maroc” (ESAV Marrakech), specializing in directing. He started writing poems, short stories and novels when he was very young. In 2013, he published two collections of poems: Recueil de la fin du monde (Nena Editions), Premiers Vers (Edilivre).