In the canton of Boutefil at the gateway to the Chadian desert, unmarried women are accused by the Iman of being the source of the divine wrath on the village. The village chiefs decide to hold a traditional ceremony, the Amchilini, which consists in forcing all unmarried women to choose a husband. But there are voices, especially among young girls, against what they see as an attack to their dignity and freedom. They claim equal rights and autonomy as men.


Kader Allamine KORAis the director of shorts films Notre séjour à Niamey ; FESPACO 2013 ; and Faire le Deuil. In 2016, he made the feature documentary La Promesse du Biram, official selection of a dozen festivals in Africa and Europe. He also made the short films Portraits d’un jeune maraicher and L’islam et la planification familiale. In 2017, he directed several magazines for Chadian National TV, winning the Dari Awards and Best Chadian director in 2016.