THE OPENING FILM: “Bravo, Burkina!”

‘’I opted for the title “Bravo, Burkina!” so that wherever you hear “Bravo”, you think of Burkina’’, said Nigerian filmmaker Walé Oyéjidé.

“Bravo, Burkina!”, an out-of-competition film features a young boy from Burkina Faso named Aimé, leaving his village for Italy to work. Disillusioned later on and haunted by his childhood memories and saddened, he goes back home. However, this was without reckoning with the irreversibility of time. He finds his mother without his father who left her after a long period of hope to see him again. As he thought of seeing his childhood girlfriend again, he realises that the latter is in a couple’s life with a child.
Everything is almost melting away around the young man. Nevertheless, he decides to stay home, believing that there is no place like home. Such a courage earned him and whole Burkina, “Bravo, Burkina!”. 64 minutes were enough for Walé Oyéjidé to show the contrast between an illusory, sad and devastating life of a young immigrant and original life, human and built on dignity.