The cemetery of cinema


The director travels throughout Guinea in search of “Mouramani” by Mamadou Touré, first film ever made by a French-speaking Black African in 1953, using his camera to confront History. This is a film about cinema, both the kind we watch and the kind we make.


Thierno Souleymane Diallo studied at the ISAG (Art University og Guinea) in Dubréka. In 2012 he went to Niger for a master in creative documentary, and then a degree of documentary cinema in Senegal. He has made several short films during his studies. In 2015, Souleymane made his directional debut with the documentary “Un homme pour ma famille” and in 2018, “Nô Mëtî Sîfâdhe”. He also works for a Guinean television. “The cemetery of cinema” is his first feature documentary.