After 7 years in prison Geoffrey, 35, has to restart his life in Shimoni, a sleepy village in rural Kenya, a place he loathes. There, he stays hiding in the local Catholic Church compound and never leaves. Then one Sunday after Mass, Geoffrey sees a man with a white patch of hair. Petrified he pees his pants and in a moment of rage kills a calf. The monster has found him in his hiding place.


Angela Wanjiku Wamai studied film at La Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión in Havana, Cuba and works as a film editor in Nairobi. She loves to edit documentaries because it allows her to observe human beings and get paid to do it. She was recently awarded best film editor by the Women in Film Awards-Kenya. In 2017 she wrote, I Had to Bury Cũcũ, a short film. Her directorial debut was ‘Dad, Are you Ok?’ a short film that premiered at the International female film festival in Malmö. Shimoni is her feature directorial debut.