Dedicated funds

The second space is devoted to funds dedicated to African cinema. Stammering, even non-existent in the last decade, funds dedicated to the financing of African cinema, also called windows, seem to become the panacea on the continent or outside. We are witnessing a real revival of interest from countries and international organizations to support African cinema. For example, the Fopica in Senegal, the NFVF in South Africa, the Fonsic in Côte d’Ivoire, or the OIF Image Fund, the World Cinema Fund Africa (Germany), Documentary Africa – Doc’A (Kenya) and the Fonds de la Jeune création francophone (Burkina Faso), are all involved in the financing of African cinema, each with their own mechanisms and rules of intervention. The “Dedicated Funds” is a meeting and exchange space dedicated to all the existing funds in order to get to know each other better in a direct dialogue with the directors and producers present at FESPACO.