Maputo Nakuzanda


It’s dawn in the capital of Mozambique. Young people are leaving the nightclubs. In the backyards, women are starting their day. A man is running, a woman is coming back from a trip, a tourist is walking, a worker is taking public transport, and Maputo Nakuzandza radio announces the disappearance of a bride.


Ariadine Zampaulo holds a bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Audiovisual from Universidade Federal Fluminense. In 2020, she qualified in Directing by the course “Cinema and Thought : Black Narratives”, from Centro Afrocarioca de Cinema Zózimo Bulbul. In 2017 and 2018 she studied and researched local cinema history and practice. During this period, she also curated Brazilian films at the 9th edition of KUGOMA – Fórum de Cinema Moçambique, edited the documentary Nenha (2018) and directed her first film, “Maputo Nakuzandza”.