Juste Quelqu’un de Bien/Just a better person


Anne, Technical Advisor of the Minister, suffers pressure every day from her mother-in-law for not having children. She is defended and protected by her husband, Marius Boca, senior manager in real estate agency. But everything changes when he learns that he is sterile. He grows unbearable, refusing any help, moral and psychological. She is depressed and gets closer to Steve who became disabled following an accident. She ends up falling in love with him.


Filmmaker, producer, scriptwriter and Communication Consultant Bah Gbehi Jean Noel has directed a feature film “La vie en noir et blanc”; a documentary series “Regards d’enfants” and many TV series, most notably “L’équipe”; “Le Grin» ; “Conakry and Deux couples, un foyer (FESPACO 2017 official selection).