Gardien des mondes


One day, at the foot of a tomb, Hassan fell asleep and never left the cemetery. For 40 years, he has made his home in the hills of Jellaz in Tunisia, watching over the dead and observing the living. In search of love and freedom, Hassan navigates between day and night and invites us to discover his worlds.


Leïla Chaïbi began work in cinema as a camera operator on fiction films, documentaries and magazines. Since 2010, she has developed her own film projects and is interested in the question of identity and the Arab world. “Tous brûlés. La Maison des hommes “, is a portrait of prisons in Tunisia. She has then co-directed “Le verrou“, a film about the magic ritual of the Tasfh aiming to protect young girls from any penetration. “Gardien des mondes ” is her second feature.