Garderie Nocturne / Night Nursery


In a popular neighbourhood of Bobo-Dioulasso, Mrs. Coda welcomes every evening the children of prostitutes in her home. These young women wander around the “Black”, a very lively alley of the city centre, until dawn when they come back to pick up their children. But Mrs. Coda who is over 80 is getting tired.


Moumouni SANOU is part of the new generation of Burkina Faso’s documentary filmmakers. He has been working as a DOP on several sets for 6 years. He has edited and directed short documentaries and is also very much involved in the Ciné Guimbi refurbishing project in Bobo-Dioulasso. In 2014 he directed Ngonifo Sekouba, l’esprit des chasseurs. Garderie Nocturne / Night nursery is his first feature film.