Fady le village des transformés


In Kangaba in the deep Manding where the ancestors of certain families have pledged allegiance to the genies of the bush, transforming into hyenas, reptiles and other animals is a power accessible to all as long as they are initiated. The rivalry between Kangaba and its neighboring village Kilidougou has reached the point of no return. The advisors of the wise men, members of a secret society, have violently forbidden certain practices such as marriage between the people of Kangaba and its neighbor Kilidougou. Fady, the granddaughter of the spiritual guide Ba Kalifa of Kilidougou, is a very enlightened girl. Announced long before her birth by the elders as a messiah who would reunite all the communities, she will defy all the rules of these tribes. She forms a love relationship with Lamissa. She holds a power within her that she does not yet know. She is in fact from the hidden lineage of a visitor from outer space who was shipwrecked on earth from the time when the ocean covered the great Sahara desert of Timbuktu. Her first mission is to unite the two villages that are hers. Will Fady be able to take up this new challenge, knowing that the appearance of a chosen one like her is the harbinger of a great danger that awaits the mortal world.


Cheick Ahmadou Ouattara was born in 1978 in Bamako, Mali. In Bamako Badalabougou, he did his primary studies. Passionate about drawing and graphic design, which he got from a mother who was a math teacher and a father who was an engineer and architect, he was selected among the best in drawing in Bamako for a two-year accelerated training by the Koreans. He then did his secondary studies at the Lycée Cheikh Anta Diop de Faso Kanu in Bamako where he obtained his Baccalaureate in exact sciences with top prizes in drawing. He continued his higher education at the Faculty of Sciences of Bamako (Sciences of the matter), where he fell in love with cinema and computer graphics. With his knowledge in mathematics (D.E.U.G in higher mathematics) and a self-taught formation in graphic oriented development, he created a company ” Virtual 3D Communication ” specialized in special effects FX cinema and 3D animation for advertising and cinema. His first scenarios were in the field of advertising for large structures such as L’Oréal Morocco, Sony Morocco (in 3D spots). He has to his credit educational films (3D animation film to raise awareness in rural areas) for some NGOs and also for the national channel of Mali.