Doxandem, the dream chasers


Back in Gandiol, his hometown in Senegal, after eight years as a migrant in Spain, Mamadou seeks to be a positive force for his community. With help from his wife Laura and ubder the benevolent eye of Yaaye Khadi, Mamadou’s mother, he begins to build and share with his community the « active utopia » referred to in the book Mamadou wrote during his journey. The film takes us to a journey with Mamadou in his quest, to try to uncover his dream.


Saliou Waa Guendoum SARR is a writer, composer and stage director whose nectar contributes to the universality of language, culture and representations. He believes that art can bring change and that cinema can help rebuild the way Africans see themselves. He directed Masque démasque in 2008, and Coup de filet en 2011 and Life saaraba illegal in 2016.